Newly renovated apartment in the city center of Lucca

woning in Lucca
For those who prefer a home in a city, Lucca is probably one of the cities in Tuscany that appeals most to the imagination. It is a relatively small city, with a traffic-free city center, a real stroller city with an abundance of restaurants, bars, terraces and shops, all open all year. Lucca is only 22 km away from Pisa Airport, the airport with the largest range of flights and destinations in Tuscany. From Pisa you can reach Lucca by train in just 45 minutes. The only downside of a property in the city center of Lucca is the price tag, which averages at least 3,000 euros per m2.

It is therefore understandable that one of our Belgian-Dutch customers chose Lucca for an investment. Spending part of your free time in Lucca yourself is a dream for many, which in this case came ture for our customers.
Enjoy your newly renovated apartment in Lucca!