A new home near Peschiera del Garda

Home near Peschiera del Garda
One of our biggest professional satisfactions this year was/is definitely assisting our Italo-American client Carmen, not only with finding a new home for her retirement (although she personally refuses to retire or call it retirement), but also helping her to make her next step in life, moving to Italy with her beloved dog Stella, as smooth as possible. Of course, first we needed to find a suitable home for Carmen and Stella. That's what we are used to doing on an almost daily basis. So after a few months of searching and visiting homes, we found what Carmen wanted, close to Peschiera del Garda. As of tomorrow this garden will be home for Stella, who is travelling to Europe at this very moment. 

Besides that, we tried to put Carmen on the right track for lots of other issues that one needs to face when moving from one continent to another. Looking back to an endless series of WhatsApp messages and pictures, we feel privileged to have assisted Carmen, who is a lovely, grateful woman, because she has given us back friendship and lots of job satisfaction. We shared many small and beautiful moments, like the day that Carmen got her bank account in Italy together with her bank card, the notary deed, the car she bought and the things for the house, getting her garbage containers at the Comune, taking over energy supply contracts, finding people who can do some work around the house, ... 
These days are definitely an emotional roller coaster for Carmen, for her daughters who remain in Florida, and for Stella. Our thoughts are with you, guys. We can't wait to come and see you again at Lake Garda.

Enjoy your new life in Italy!!

We also want to mention Federico, the agent for the seller in this collaboration, who did much more than what a real estate agent is expected to do. You can't take for granted to find only nice people in your job. But working together with people like Federico, makes our job so beautiful. Thanks Federico!