Quality of life in Italy in 2020

Every year, the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore publishes a ranking of the Italian provinces based on the quality of life. To makes up this ranking they consider 90 factors in the following 6 categories: Wealth and Consumption, Environment and Services, Justice and Security, Business and Work, Population and Community and finally Culture and Leisure. In Italy there are 107 provinces in 20 regions. After taking into account the average of the score of each province, this is the ranking of the regions:
1. Trentino-South-Tyrol (561), 2. Aosta Valley (551), 3. Friuli-Venezia Giulia (545), 4. Emilia-Romagna (535), 5. Marche (525) and Veneto (525), 
7. Umbria (520), 8. Tuscany (513) and Lombardy (513), 10. Piedmont (511), 11. Liguria (508), 12. Abruzzi (506).
The regions with a score below the national average are: 
13. Sardinia (502), 14. Molise (492), 15. Basilicata (491), 16. Lazio (487), 17. Campania (456) and Puglia (456), 19. Sicily (435) and Calabria (435). 

Needless to say that a place where it is good to work and live is not necessarily equally good for a home for retired people or for a second home for holidays and/or holiday rentals. That is why we have selected 35 of the 90 quality of life factors that are of interest to retirees or second home owners to make a new ranking. In our case the emphasis will be more on the categories Justice and Security, and Culture and Leisure, and less on Wealth and Consumption and Business and Work. Below you will find the ranking of the regions and provinces based on only 35 factors and the comparison with their ranking in the list of Il Sole 24 Ore based on all the factors that determine the quality of life.

Rangschikking regio's Italiƫ 2020
2020 Ranking of Italian regions for quality of life for second homes

Rangschikking provincies Italie 2020
2020 Ranking of Italian provinces for quality of life for second homes 

On this page you will find the full list of factors which were used by Il Sole 24 Ore to rank the provinces of Italy according to the quality of life. You will also find the selection of the 35 factors that we used to create this revised ranking, which is more of interest to retirees or second home owners. You will notice that none of the rankings takes into account factors such as climate, air quality, earthquake risk, proximity to geographic features (sea, lakes, mountains) or places of interest to tourists. These are also factors that play a role in the choice of location for the purchase of a home, especially when you have in mind to rent out your home to tourists. So keep that in mind.

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