Most popular areas in Italy

Choosing a place to retire or to buy a second home in Italy is not easy. You have to consider your budget, climate, geographical features, seismic hazard, appeal of the area, and many other things.

Thousands of people have done this before you, most of them after a thorough investigation of Italy and its real estate market. So why not learn from the facts? Check out the ranking of areas with the highest relative presence of foreign residents. Yes, this is the 2020 ULTIMATE TOP 30 ranking of the most wanted residential areas in Italy. See where your fellow countrymen live in Italy.

Top 30 of most wanted residential areas in Italy
Top 30 of most wanted residential areas in Italy (source: ISTAT)
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This table shows the ranking of the areas in Italy with the highest percentage of foreign citizens who are resident in the described area. The data of the province capitals have been omitted, because they contain a higher percentage of foreigners who are resident in the cities for work. "Province" is to be intended as the territory of the province excluding the province capital and touristic areas if considered separately, like lakeside or seaside towns. The data of the lakeside or seaside towns include the data of the municipalities with direct access to the lake or the sea.

The Italian Institute for Statistics ISTAT has no data of the number of foreign property owners in Italy. The table shows only the number of foreign citizens who are effectively resident in Italy.

The table also shows a price indicator for each area. This is to be intended as an indicator of the home prices in € per sqm of habitable floor area. 
€ <1.200 euro
€€ 1.200-2.000 euro
€€€ 2.000-3.000 euro
€€€€ 3.000-4.000 euro
€€€€€ >4.000 euro

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